Tongue River Winery         

                       Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  


NOV 2019: Jefferson Cup Invitational

  SILVER:  2018 Perfect Kiss

2019 Fingerlakes International Wine Competiton:

  SILVER:  2018 Perfect Kiss

JULY 2019: Mid-American Wine Competition in Iowa

  GOLD:  Cherry Pie

  GOLD:  Haskap (Sweepstakes nominee? one of the top 4 fruit wines out of 45 in the competition)

  SILVER:  2018 Perfect Kiss (white hybrid grape blend)

  BRONZE: Tongue Tied (red hybrid grape blend)

MARCH 2019:  Montana Grape and Wine Association People's Choice

   GOLD:  Perfect Kiss white wine

FEBRUARY 2019: North Dakota Grape and Wine  Association People's Choice

   GOLD:  Perfect Kiss white wine

   BRONZE:  Golden Spice Pear



SILVER:  Black Currant

Jefferson cups are selected from the Double Gold winners each year. Our Marquette is the first Jefferson Cup winner in Montana.  About 500 wineries out of several thousand US wineries participate by invitation only.  The cup engraved with our name and wine will arrive early in 2019.


   GOLD:  Black Currant

   SILVER:  Frongria (semi-sweet wine from Frontenac gris grapes)

   BRONZE:  COld Front (Dry white grape wine made with Frontenac blanc)

   BRONZE:  Frontenac Gris (Dry white grape wine)

APRIL 2018:  International Cold Climate Competition, Minnesota

   SILVER: 2017 Marquette and 2017 La Crescent

APRIL 2018:  MT Grape & Wine Association Annual Meeting People's Choice Awards:

    GOLD:  Haskap and Brianna;   SILVER:  Marquette and Sweetie Pie


February 2018:   People's Choice Award,  ND Grape & Wine Association ? La Crescent white wine

May 2017: Northwest Wine Summit, Columbia Gorge Hotel, Oregon

  GRANITE PEAK AWARD (Best Montana wine)  White Raspberry

  GOLD:  White Raspberry

  SPECIAL:  White Raspberry? best fruit wine submitted from all 5 states and 2 provinces!

  SILVER:  Haskap (Edible honeysuckle fruit)

  BRONZE:  Aronioak and Tongue Tied

April 2017:  Finger Lakes International, Rochester, NY

  SILVER:  Tongue Tied, Poire epices D'or (Pear), Sweetie Pie

  BRONZE:  Aronia

August 2016:  Minnesota International Cold Climate Competition

     SILVER:  2015 Warm Front (semi-sweet Frontenac)

     SILVER:   2015 Marquette dry red wine

May 2016:   Northwest Wine Summit, Columbia Gorge Hotel, Oregon

  GRANITE PEAK AWARD (Best Montana wine)  Brothers

  SILVER:  2015 Marquette and 2015 Brothers (Foch/Millot blend)

  BRONZE:  Sweetie Pie dessert wine.

July, 2015: Mid-America Wine Competition, Iowa

  GOLD: Frontenac Trio Rosé!

May 2015:  Northwest Wine Summit, Timberline Lodge, MT Hood, Oregon

GOLD:  Frontenac Trio Rosé winner of Granite Peak Award (best submitted Montana wine)

SILVER:  Sand Cherry Kiss

BRONZE:  Haskap and Aronia

JERRY MEAD AWARD:  Frontenac Trio Rosé for high value wines for the price ($15 and under wines). 

        Jerry Mead  was a nationally known wine critic.

April  2015:   Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

GOLD:  European Black Currant

SILVER:  Frontenac Trio Rosé

BRONZE:  Aronia semi-sweet

Tongue River's La Crescent noted in American Wine Society's WINE JOURNAL

           "21 Wines to Watch", Winter 2014 (Others from France, Portugal, other states)

(see at Winter 2014 Wine Journal, page 24-25)


GOLD: LaCrescent: semi-sweet moscatto-style white wine.  

          A repeat of our NW Wine Summit win.

BRONZE: Warm Front: our semi-sweet big red wine made with Frontenac grapes.


Granite Peak Award: top wine judged for Montana:  LaCrescent

   GOLD: LaCrescent.  Montana's first gold medal for a hybrid grape wine!

   SILVER: Frongria, St Croix Rosé, Chokecherry, Black Currant

   BRONZE: 2012 "Arancione" (proprietary ?orange' wine from white grapes)

            2013 "Cherry Pie" dessert wine
            2013 Frontenac Gris
            2013 "Pretty Wild Plum" dessert wine (from Plums)
            2013 Sabrevois Nouveau
            2013 "Foxy Lady Rosé"
            2013 "Perfect Kiss" (white sweet proprietary blend)
            2013 Rhubarb
            2012 "Tongue Tied" (red blend of Marquette, Frontenac Noir & St. Croix)


3 wines submitted: 3 medals won!

GOLD:  Cherry Pie sweet dessert wine

SILVER:  semi-sweet Warm Front (Frontenac grape red wine)

SILVER: semi-sweet La Crescent (spicy white wine)

FEBRUARY 2013:  Tongue River Winery won the best of show awards in the Commercial Winery division at the Annual Meeting of the North Dakota Grape and Wine Association in Bismarck, ND, mid February.

People's Choice White Wine:  our Frongria? a high alcohol "white port" wine with huge tropical aromas and flavors

People's Choice  Red Wine:  our popular Tongue Tied? a dry blend of mostly Frontenac and Marquette grapes, aged in French oak barrels.

People's Choice Fruit Wine:  White Raspberry? the name says it all: a sweet, water-white delicious raspberry wine.

The white wines are available only at the winery.  Tongue Tied is available throughout eastern Montana with our retail partners.

MARCH 2013: Tongue River Winery just won silver medals in the prestigious Finger Lakes International Wine Competition announced March 27, 2013 for our Frongria dessert wine and Tongue Tied dry red wine.  3505 entries, 30 countries, all 50 states and 80 judges.

APRIL 2013:  Northwest Wine Summit in Hood River Oregon: Gold for White Raspberry!  Silver for Red Currant, White V and Apple Ice; Bronze medals for Frongria, Frontenac Gris, Tongue Tied, Pear and Sweet PromiseWe also won the Granite Peak Award for the top Montana wine.  Over 800 entries this year.  It is also significant that we appear to be the only winery in this competition which won any medals for hybrid grape wine.  After hours of tasting Vitis vinifera wines (European grapes) like cabernet, merlot, Riesling and chardonnay, they still liked our hybrid wines and that's really something!  We'd love to know if other hybrid wines were submitted or if we were the only ones.  This competition is limited to wineries in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, plus British Columbia and Manitoba.

We are especially proud of these because the majority of medals in this competition were won with European vitis vinifera grapes grown on the west coast.  To win with hybrid grapes is much more difficult and means we're very much on the right track.  We'll have the bottles on display with their ribbons and medals as soon as we receive them in the mail!


These will be available every year.