Winery photos Winery photos Tasting Room Finished with trim and flooring hinting of wine. 91528202 Setting the rafters Major framing day with a 60-year old crane and an 82-year old crane operator! 91528208 Before it was finished Cram full of plumbing, venting, studs and tools! 91528209 Winemaker turned painter Finishing the paint in the tasting room and sales area. 91528205 Ferment and finish room under construction. 91528206 January 2010: Still working! 91528207 From our balcony Half of the 2-acre vineyard visible from our sitting room balcony. 91528204 Ferment & Finishing Room All new stainless tanks in bright, clean work room. 91528203 As seen from the Vineyard Summer of 2010 91528201