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          Tongue River Winery         

                                      Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  

Photo Gallery

2010 Garden Club Tour 2010 Garden Club Tour Josh teaching crowd Josh Thaden giving Vineyard Tour 103288747 Mars grapes glowing in Sunlight Without the netting, only the birds would be happy! 103292725 Bob teaching about the Crush Bob demonstrating crusher/destemmer. This machine crushes the grapes so that the juice can run freely. 103292726 Bob running apples through Shredder This baby can do a bushel of apples in 25 seconds! 103292727 Cosmos in Vineyard Without beauty, what is life for? 103292728 Bob demonstrating floating lids Something just like a bicycle inner tube inflates between lid and stainless tank walls. 103292729 Josh describing elderberries Named elderberry varieties in foreground, wild ones beyond Josh. 103292730 Oh my God! Smell that alcohol! Visitors inhaling vapors of fermenting wine. 103292731 Beautiful grapes 103292732 Two guests looking at Riesling vines Riesling? In Montana!!? 103292733 Happy Wine Tasters! Can we have more? 103292834 Josh examining bird netting Go away, little robins.... 103292835 Josh talking about vineyard layout 1300 vines, 10,000 feet of trellis, 50,000 robins, brown thrashers and American finches! 103292836 Pouring last of apple mash into press Now the cider flows! 103292837 Marilyn promoting Sand Cherry Kiss Our most sold wine, sweet Sand Cherry Kiss....Passion.....on the Tongue! 103292838 Marilyn sloshing wine Swirling wine releases aromas. Look how clear it is! 103292839 Marilyn teaching about wine tasting. The crowd tenses- they ready their glasses for the first drop! 103292840 Where you enter, where you depart. Sorry you're leaving. But you can always come again. Our winery is open whenever you find us. Check contact page to reach us. 103292842