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Harvest nearing an end, winemaking going full bore!

Posted on September 14, 2010 at 11:09 AM

I'll be glad when harvesting is finished!  We've been on ladders up in the trees, we've suffered back pain from all the bending picking raspberries, and we've endured the tedium of the mindless elderberry harvesting with a hair-pick.


Now the action is focussed in the winery.  Almost every day I check the pH and specific gravity of various wines in process.  The pH hints at the level of acidity of the wine, whereas the specific gravity tells me how much sugar is left to ferment out.  So the days are spent cleaning, crushing, cooking and pressing fruit; then pumping, dumping, stirring, adding ingredients and testing and more pumping.


Almost every day I consult recipes, both my own from the past and others who've done these wines before.  Every day I take notes, and make sure I transfer the data to my computer wine logs so I have a record of what I did right.  Or wrong!


And don't forget the tasting!  Every day each batch needs tasting, to see how the flavor and aroma is developing, to check the clarity, and determine if anything is going awry.


All in all, not a bad life!

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