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Apples galore

Posted on September 14, 2010 at 11:02 AM

People will THANK you for taking away their apples!  Although apples are beautiful in blossom, and inspiring in fruit, the quantities for today's family, whose pie-making is rare and canning almost rarer, are just overwhelming.  So the average household makes a few pies, gives some apples away, and the rest.....well, they drop and rot.  And need to be raked up, and then raked up again, and then raked up again.

So along comes this winemaker (or jelly-maker) and offers to pick them for you and also offers to clean up the mess.  We thought we'd have a hard time finding as many apples as we'd like.  It turns out we've been offered more than we can use!  The big red crabs make wonderful wine, cider and extraordinary jelly (almost red, itself!)


And all it takes is a polite knock on the door and the courage to ask, and perhaps...a gift of that extraordinary jelly!