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Yellow Chokecherry

Posted on August 14, 2010 at 7:53 AM

My friend Carl told me he had one, but I didn't believe him.  Then two days ago, while I was out scouting wild fruit on a friend's land, suddenly, there it was!  A flash of yellow colored fruit I'd never seen before.  Gary and I stopped, walked up to this small tree, and there, as real as can be, were about a half-dozen strigs of unmistakable chokecherries.  They tasted like chokecherries, looked like chokecherries, except that they were yellow!  As yellow as this smiley face ;).


I had a 2-foot piece of orange flashing tape in my pocket, and tied it on the tree about eye-height so I could find that very chokecherry next March.  I'm going to take some cuttings next year, root them out, and get a dozen or two of these planted so we can have our very own yellow chokecherries.


It's fun to watch for mutations.  Nature does "throw a curve" once in a while, and creates something new.