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Sand cherry variability

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 10:23 PM

There are actually 4 different colors of sandcherries in our vineyard.  Since these are seedling plants, every single one of our 175 plants is technically a different variety.  Some are earlier, some are later, some sweeter, some more astringent.


All but a small handful of plants produce black cherries.  We have one that produces absolutely yellow cherries.  We have one that produces a deep maroon cherry when ripe.  Then one other that is a greenish/yellowish/red when ripe, and very sweet, and just loaded with fruit.

We plan to ferment the yellow and greenish/yelloish/red together for a white sandcherry wine.  If we like it, I'll take cuttings this next spring,  root them and grow them out for planting, then set out a new row with about 25 plants of yellow cherries and 25 of the other.  Since they fruit the year after planting, we should have a good sized batch of white cherry wine in 2012.  That is, if we like it!  All part of the fun.