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Label approval

Posted on August 4, 2010 at 7:44 PM

Corrections needed!— That's the usual experience of a first time label designer. I submitted 10 labels and learned this afternoon that they all needed correcting.  You gotta say "Alc. 10% by vol."  You cannot say "10% Alc/Vol".  The words "Government Warning" need to be in all bold.  Well, they were, but in the typeface I was using, they certainly weren't ultrabold!  Well, they are now!!

Soo, I had to change the label design with my word processor, then print. Then scan so I could make them into JPG files.  Then size them so they weren't too many bytes.  Then upload the new images, change a few other things, and resubmit.  All 10!

They'll be posted on this site when they are approved.


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