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Business Taking Off: We Really Need Your fruit!

Posted on November 13, 2010 at 11:04 AM

We've had a great start, but that means that some wines will start running out this fall.  We really need your help!  Many great friends have shared fruit with us.  But we need more, if we are going to meet the need. Please contact us if you have:

RhubarbOur Rhubarb wine is gone!  We need your rhubarb!  Thanks to friends' donations, we have just received 50 pounds of frozen rhubarb and will start another batch of wine as soon as we hit 100 pounds.  If you have frozen rhubarb, just leave it outside the winery garage, or call at 853-1028.  And call if you have plants you don't want, or are dividing your plants and have extra clumps for our own planting.  We need your rhubarb!

Chokecherries— Thanks to Verne & Kathy Schlepp , we had enough chokecherries for our popular Prairie & Peaks Cherry, a blend of chokecherry, sandcherry and Flathead cherry wine.  But we need more!  Pick them for us, have us pick them, whatever.  We'll gladly take them frozen or fresh, anytime you have them.

Yellow Chokecherries— WE've located two plants but want more to make a white chokecherry wine.  If you have yellow chokecherries, please contact us, so we can pick fruit, and also take suckers from your plants to start a row of them in our own orchard.

Pears— Our Golden Spice pear tree makes luscious wine, but we could use more, especially the small, spicy pears that are awkward for canning.  If you have pears you're not using, by all means contact us!

Sand Cherries— Our sweet Sand Cherry Kiss has been one of our top sellers.  We've got a large planting and are putting in more, but we could use more. Contact us if you have sandcherries you don't use.

Rose Hips— Rose hips are the fruiting bodies of roses.  Thanks to Marilyn Schantz for picking some for us and turning us loose in her patch.  If you have LARGE HIPS (1/2 inch or more across) you don't use, please contact us so we can make more rose hip wine.  We have a batch brewing, and would love to make more!

Plums— Plums can make a great wine.  We have some growing, but could use more.  Let us know if you have extras, frozen now, or available next fall!

Grapes— Concord-style wine might not make it to the bigtime, but it has been a long-time favorite of the northern states where it was the only grape available the last couple of centuries.  Friends gave us enough for a small batch but we could use more.  When you're done making jelly and have more grapes, contact us!


We know of at least a dozen visitors to Miles City who came from out of town or out of state just because of our Winery.  And a stop at our place generally includes a visit to motels, cafes, gas stations, grocery stores and other businesses.  When you help us, you help the entire community.  We bank in town, we shop in town, so money coming our way mostly stays in town.

Contact either Bob (406-853-1028 or Josh (406-850-8325) and shower us with your unused Montana grown fruit!  Check your freezers, talk to your neighbors and help us provide more good cheer for our wine drinking friends.  Contact us NOW if any of these things are possible, so we can add you to our list to contact in the future.


Thanks a lot!  Bob

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