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First press!

Posted on August 29, 2010 at 10:25 PM

Today son Josh and I pressed our 130 gallons of sandcherry wine.  It was not only our first commercial press, but the first press at Tongue River Winery and it went like clockwork— from the pumping of the must (fermenting fruit and juice) into the press, then pressing, and finally pumping the pressed wine from the garage to the stainless tanks in the basement.


The free-run wine (unpressed) is always less tannic, less herbaceous, so we saved that for the Sand Cherry Kiss— our sweet, dessert wine.  The pressed wine will be reserved for our dry cherry table wine.  Both have a clean, cherry flavor, but the dry cherry has a much edgier big tannic presence.


Of course at a week old, it is yeasty and not very clear, but still the taste is very nice and smooth.  We'll fine some of it with bentonite to get an early clear batch for tasting and "new wine" sales by late September, and keep most of it until after Christmas before bottling.


The last two days, Josh and I gathered 500 lbs of apples, with at least that much more to go for apple wine and hard cider.   We're gathering more than a quart of raspberries a day now, so we should have a good stash in the freezer by the time the killing frosts stop us in late September, for raspberry wine.  Photos will follow soon.

Locals, plan to come see our place at work, take a tour at the Miles City Garden Club tour (click item to the right!)

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