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Pruning Finally!

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 7:30 PM

It has been a looonnngggg winter this year.  It snowed again last week, and is supposed to this coming Friday, April 13th, and then the Tuesday after that!  We've had more precipitation this winter than we ever remember, and it's made the vineyard snowy, and then muddy, and then snowy, and then....snowy!

Today I made good progress by finishing 5 rows (out of about 90).  Tomorrow should be a lovely 60° F day, so I hope to do several more.  I'm working through our hardiest grapes, the Frontenacs.  They are least likely to be damaged by late spring frosts, so they are the safest for early pruning.  Our average last Frost date is about April 15-20, but with the buds totally hard yet, we should be okay.

I tested all the varieties about a month ago, wading through knee-deep snow, and everything looked green.  So we anticipate another great year!