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Fermenting almost finished

Posted on October 19, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Son Josh and I have been steadily at it since the last entry, and for the first time, we have nothing in the garage doing a primary ferment.  Almost all the wines are nestled in their steel and glass beds in the basement, clarifying and aging nicely.  We've bottled up a bunch of young wine, mostly apple and cherry.  Label approval for pear should arrive soon, along with Prairie & Peaks Cherry (sandcherry, chokecherry, flathead cherry blend).  The raspberry is coming along nicely.  We've hit 500 gallons of wine, with about another 50 gallons to go for this season.


The frost has come and the leaves are dropping.  The season of bottling is almost upon us in earnest.  We've been selling every couple of days.  DO DROP OVER and visit us and enjoy "something on the Tongue."

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