Tongue River Winery         

                       Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  

White Fruit Wines

Ripe Apple:  semi-sweet Apple.

In Someone's Orchard:  This wine is made from a variety of apples available to us from trees throughout Miles City, Montana.  It's truly a local product, grown here, produced here, bottled here.  

In the Winery:  Apples are shredded, immediately pressed and the resultant cider is diluted and fermented.

In Short:  Pairs well with pork, green salads and sandwiches or anything you'd enjoy with cider.

Apple Ice:  (375 ml splits) our most intense wine.

In the Orchard:  The fruit is frozen when picked and kept frozen right into the press.  2014's large crabs were picked in weather ranging from +22°F down to -10°F, climbing around on orchard ladders and step ladders to gather 1000 lbs of fruit.  On the plus side, we certainly didn't have any trouble keeping the fruit frozen.

In the Winery: The resultant juice is reduced to 1/3 or 1/4 of its normal volume which produces a very intense wine with 3-4 times the flavor, aroma, acid and sugar of normal apple juice. 

In Short: This is an intense dessert wine designed for sipping, not gulping!

Minted Apple: Semi-sweet apple & mint

In the Vineyard: We grow mint among grapes!

In the Winery: wine is made by suffusing a small amount of fresh mint with our Ripe Apple wine.  

In Short:  The mint is simply hinted at, giving the wine a soft cool finish.  Pairs well with lamb chops.  Many prefer it to our Ripe Apple precisely because of the unusual cool finish.

Poire èpices d'or:  French for Golden Spice Pear.  

In the Orchard:  We have one mature Golden Spice which yields as much as 6-8 bushels on a good year.  Hardy to -50°F, this tree impresses us enough that we've planted three more.

In the Winery:  These small, intense pears are almost too rich to eat out of hand.  The resultant wine is luscious and intensely pear flavored, with skin tannins providing a clean structure on the finish.  

In Short:  Great with soft cheeses, dinner salads, chicken and turkey. A great stand-alone wine, but also one we use for blending with other fruits and grapes.  Bronze medal, NW Wine Summit, OR, 2013.

Rhubarb:  Just plain semi-sweet rhubarb!

In the Vineyard:  Hardy as can be. We've replanted with mostly Crimson Red.

In the Winery:  We keep it pure rhubarb, producing a very pale pink wine.

In Short: Our most popular wine! Great with spicy dishes, of all things!  Try it with jalapeno chocolate.

White Raspberry:   semi-sweet dessert wine.

In the High Tunnels:  We grow Anne yellow raspberries, which are sweeter and more refined than reds.

In the Winery: Fermented on the pulp cold to retain aromas, finished, then sweetened to accentuate the delicate berry flavor.

In Short:  Elegant and intense. Our most luxurious wine.

Available late 2015.  Gold, 2013 NW Wine Summit, OR.

White Currant:  Dry, fruity table wine

In the Vineyard: We grow white currants and buy more. They are a variant of red currants.

In the Winery:  Brand new for us in 2015, this wine is similar in flavor but milder than our Red Currant wine with a clean water-white color and light floral nose.  

In Short:  Surprising dry wine!  Enjoy with chicken and pork.