Tongue River Winery         

                       Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!  


Returning wines available soon include:

Cherry Pie— our delicious Gold-medal sweet dessert wine, best paired with...... fresh baked pie crust! Now Available!

Red Raspberry— semi-sweet and loaded with fruit      January 2016

White Raspberry— Gold-medal winning sweet dessert wine. More elegant than red raspberry, made with yellow raspberries.

        Last year we had about 50 bottles.  This year 300!!   Next year 600+ bottles! January 2015

Frongria— our delicious semi-sweet Frontenac Gris tropical wine.  Available January 2016.

Warm Front— full-bodied rich red semi-sweet Frontenac wine.  Available Now!

Perfect Kiss— Our off-dry blended white grape wine made with all of our small lots.   Available January 2016.


Sabrevois on Oak— our Italian-style wine, barrel-aged in French Oak.  Release date not determined.  This wine is smoothing out wonderfully and will pair well with any Marinara (red tomato) sauce dish.

Aronioak— Totally dry Aronia wine, barrel-aged in French Oak.  Still too tannic, this wine is softening well in oak and will probably be held at least another 6 months.  Look for it next year.


Apple Ice & La Crescent  sadly, are sold out and won't be available until early 2017

TR Winery teams up with Gene Presser on Flathead Lake

Gene and his wife have a beautifully situated vineyard on the west side of Flathead Lake.  Josh and I drove up in October and spent a day picking Marquette, Leon Millot and Marechal Foch grapes,  and came home with 1750 lbs of grapes.  We now have a barrel full of Marquette and one of Millot-Foch blend, which we'll be able to start releasing perhaps a year from now.  The Flathead winter climate is milder than ours, and we're glad to get some good quality Montana grapes that won't grow here.

TR Winery article in May 25th Montana Standard, Helena Independent and other Lee Enterprises newspapers:  "Former Butte pastor corking award-winning wines."

TR Winery article in Sept-Oct Issue of Montana Magazine!

Tongue River Winery was host to freelance journalist Susie Wall, who spent Saturday with us visiting with customers, exploring the vineyard, and visiting with all three of us about the workings of a vineyard and winery.  Watch for the Fall issue of Montana Magazine for photos and a story. Here's the link in a new window:  Montana Magazine

TR Winery Teams up With VinoShipper to bring our

 wine to your doorstep in 37 states plus DC!

Now it's finally simple!  Just go to our ONLINE STORE  tab and you can order direct from our website.  Vinoshipper will calculate your state sales tax and local option taxes (if any) and shipping and bill you on our website.  They will send us a drop ship order with a shipping label and we'll send you the wine.

Remember that shipped wine requires someone 21 years or older to sign a receipt of the wine.  Remember that the very FACT of shipping costs more than the actual weight and size of the product, so if you order more bottles, shipping per bottle gets much cheaper.

We'll add more of our wines to our ONLINE STORE as soon as possible.  Sometimes we run out of one or another, but there will always be plenty to choose from.