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Bird Free Zone Again!

Posted on August 16, 2011 at 1:15 AM

We again have a bird free zone!  Thanks to a dozen scary assistants, who yelled, woo-wooed and waved their arms from one end of the vineyard to the other, the remaining birds last Friday evening fled the vineyard which was netted overhead and on three sides.  Josh and I quickly pulled shut the southern curtain, hung it up on the poles to close the remaining openings, and we had, once again, a 2-acre bird-free zone.

It is such a pleasure to go out and finish picking the sandcherries, to check on the grapes and do some final combing of the canes with no birds within at least 5 feet of any of the vines.  Now if we just keep getting super-hot days for a long season, we'll be in harvest heaven in the early days of October.

I love the robins in April when they return from wherever they go.  A few years ago, a hungry spring robin even took a worm from Marilyn's fingers before flitting away.  But by August, I hate them with a passion.  They are voracious feeders, and anything not netted is fair game for them.  Thankfully our nets provide us total protection and we can enjoy them gazing mournfully at the ripening grapes from OUTSIDE the vineyard.  Go to town, Robins, and rob someone else's vineyard!