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Planting up a Storm!

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Josh and I have been planting like crazy!  This spring we've planted 200 Rosa rugosa roses (very large hips for our rose hip wine and blends), 50 yellow anne raspberries, split our half-dozen rhubarb into approx 40 plants, planted 60 more rhubarb, and will be putting in 6 apple and 4 pear trees, 150 more Univ. Saskatchewan cherries and 50 more haskaps, not to mention about 50 more grapevines.  Oh, and 100 more sand cherries and some more black currants.

The Other Big Project will be to complete the erection of two "High Tunnels", which are unheated greenhouses with one skin instead of two.  They give you approx. one more month on both ends of summer.  Fall bearing raspberries in high tunnels produce 2-3 times as many berries, so we'll fill one with raspberries and the other probably with seasonal garden crops (tomatoes and peppers in summer, greens in spring and fall.)

And still have time to make wine....!